Helios was supposed to be an easy colony for the Vryce Dynasty. The vast reaches of the Expanse were newly rediscovered and ripe for exploitation. Two of the dynasties ships, captained by the Rogue Trader himself, set out to found a new colony from the Imperium’s boundless multitude. The Vryce’s Luck, a light cruiser re-purposed for colony duties, and the grand cruiser, Vryce’s Gambit, pierce the veil of realspace at the edge of the Helios system.

The purple vortex of the warp peel away to reveal a guttering candle of a star. This is a sun suitable for what the colonists paid for their transports. The harsh light of an ancient sun illuminates the cold void of Helios. The system is to be a resource system to the endless hunger of the forgeworlds of Man. The augers of the Dynasties scout fleet had detected asteroid fields that were full of heavy metals. The scouts had orbited Eos long enough for the augers to detect extensive resource deposits, massive life signs and a breathable atmosphere.

Vryce’s Gambit was sent to build a space station in the void of the system while Vryce’s Luck dropped off the colonists and started the wheels of profit going on Eos.

With a hellish scream, the warp slams shut the door of the system. The nearby warp storms that isolate the expanse run howling through the system. Unprepared, both ships experience massive damage and isolated warp incursions.

Alarm vox transmissions from Vryce’s Luck were picked up by the augers of Vryce’s Gambit. But Vryce’s Gambit could do nothing for their sister ship. The few remaining members of the Administorum Mechanicus on-board the Vryce’s Gambit where able to repair enough damage for the ship to limp into the port of the new established space station but nothing could be heard from the Vryce’s Luck.

The surviving navigators on board Vryce’s Gambit describe the gibbering tearing warp storm that has settled around Helios. There is no way out and no hope of rescue.

Years later, the Vryce’s Gambit has repaired enough to investigate Eos and find a small debris field in orbit and signs of a massive impact scar on the forests of the world below. Vox communication hears no hiss of life or breath of activity. The Rogue Trader and all his house are confirmed dead. The Vryce’s Gambit returns to port to mourn the fallen.

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Hidden Dynasty

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