Hidden Dynasty

Caliphas III-2 HO!!!

The first portion of the night was finalizing characters and figuring out everyone wanted to do during the two months downtime of the warp storms fading

Kalmen looking over the information from Torian decides to head to Caliphas III-2 an old holding of the Dynasty that happens to be nearby.

The warp trip is surprisingly calm and quick. The baleful xenos machine of the Runecaster does it’s arcane magics and speeds Vryce’s Luck on it’s path.

Upon arrival… the group finds that Caliphas is no longer the system reported in the family records. The system itself matches the records, but the planet itself does not.

Initial contact with the current “owners” of Caliphas is by astropathic communication at the edges of the system. The initial communication is that the Vryce’s Luck is a ship in need of resupply and trade. The ship is met in system by smaller system ships and escorted to the Caliphas space station. The station itself is a trade port and Torian is able to trade your raw materials for food and medical supplies. Torian is able to get the Scourge dynasty agents to throw in an educated female slave as a taste of what they also supply. However, Torian also manages to royally piss off the staff and suddenly combat personnel show up around them and get ready to kill some rogue traders.

Oh, read the document… This means you spidey. :)

Go here to read a very good document about the Imperium. bob



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