Hidden Dynasty

Caliphas III-2 OH No!!!

At the beginning of the session, Torian is able to convince the people that no insult was intended and the group is escorted off the station and from the system. From there, a quick trip to Footfall is accomplished in roughly a day and a half in the warp.

However, the warp exit goes rather badly and the Luck transits out of warp in the middle of the station itself and on a collision course with the Macrostatue of the God-Emperor himself. The statue is a battleship sized structure tethered to the stone of footfall by voidsteel chains. The statue looks out over the unconquered stars of the Koronos Expanse.

Klaxons go off, the ship screams at the tortured reentry near a gravity well and Areidne tries to pull the ship from a collision course with the statue. I should have run this differently from how I did. I should have made Areidne succeed at three piloting checks in order to not hit the statue and each check gets you closer and closer to the statue. Each check would give you a +10 or a -10 to the next check based on numbers of successes. A good roll would have made the next roll easier and a bad roll… well… is bad. Anyway… Areidne is able to force the ship to come about before slamming into the God-Emperor and brings the ship to a stop. Targeting systems are aimed at the ship from many of the sides and a cacophony of voices blare out at you from the vox. Eventually, order descends and the Luck is told where to berth and Areidne starts the perilous journey to the Footfall Longshore. The trip there is touch and go with trying to avoid the anchored and tethered asteroids that make up Footfall but eventually she is able to bring the ship into berth.

From there, communication with the Vryce’s Watch is established and initial conversation doesn’t go well. Jeffers answers the vox and is initially very unbelieving of the that Kalmen is the holder of the Vryce Warrant of Trade. Once Torian assures Jeffers that everything is on the up and up, Jeffers is excited by the idea and welcomes Kalmen home. Kalmen arranges to go visit the manse by Guncutter.

Kalmen and military escort land in the Hangar bay of the Vryce’s Watch and Thale and Kalmen secure the cargo bay. Thale takes up positions around the airlock door and ready to head further into the manse.

The door begins to open and Jeffers starts to say “Welcome to your ancestral…” and then Thale and the security team are sweeping into the open airlock and securing the personnel.

Jeffers is an 85 year old man with a cybernetic arm and a cybernetic eye that takes up half his face. He is well presented in the Gold and Black of the original Vryce colors and looks quite startled at all the guns pointed at him and the three servants with him. He somewhat quickly regains his composure once the frisking is over with and the security detail continues it’s sweep of the area of the manse that are habitable. Once Thale mentions it, Jeffers pipes up and mentions that they shouldn’t go into any areas that are locked first without checking to see if the areas beyond are open to vacuum since there are areas of the manse that are in very poor shape and not safe to visit.

Jeffers offers to take Kalmen to dinner and is escorted to a presented meal.

Katie is given a name. Katie is the released slave that Kalmen acquired. She has three cybernetic implants that are found to be an increase in stamina, and reproductive prevention implants. The third is associated with her brain chemistry.

The ship is unable to be repaired since funds are unavailable, however, repairs using the in-house parts are able to proceed. Katie and three of the manse personnel are sent to train the families and personnel of the Luck on how Footfall works. Torian is looking for jobs and new workers for the manse.

Thale continues his search of the manse but eventually starts just securing the areas current under power and gravity. The rest of the manse is falling apart and not safe until repaired or at least shored up. Repair crews will have to be allocated for that to continue. I think I’ll turn this into a game. Create a layout of the manse and allocate a certain number of hull points per section and have them having to be repaired in order to bring that section back online and useful. Each section could have bonuses or just allow more personnel to live in the manse.

Another separate armsman squad takes up living at the manse and makes things a bit tight in the limited quarters that currently exist.

After the two weeks of repairs to the ship, a servoskull comes by with a message from Liege Tanthus Moross. The message is an invite to Court being held tonight at the palace of the Liege of Footfall.

And that is pretty much where we stopped.



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