Hidden Dynasty

Exeunt Footfall Stage Left

Torian rolls for good luck and gets it.

Elina proposes that the Dynasty picks up a couple Astropaths before leaving for the pickup and Torian and Elina head to the Pit of Voices to lookup any astropaths. The place is creepy and Torian is NOT happy to be there. They spend the next couple hours searching for psykers and investigating the Pit of Voices. Torian has a low grade headache the entire time. They are warned of one of the inhabitants of The Pit being an amazingly powerful seer and warned to try to avoid him. But while searching for astropaths they come across him and Torian and Elina have a vision and Torian is shaken by the images.

Eventually, they settle on three astropaths and have them return to the ship at a later time while Torian arranges for their pay and benefits. The first AStropath continually mutters single words and demanded Grapes as being amongst his fee… “Space space space space space YES! yes space…”
The second wanders through the walkways tappign himself on his forehead constantly and when in reach of something else… alternating the tapping. Tap the wall tap my head tap the wall tap my head… etc.
The third came in with voluminous robes and acting as if she was stroking something in her huge sleeves… and amongst her fee was a supply of kitties.

Thale, last minute, rushes out and hires the Spiced Rat vendor and his immediate employees to come on board and make Spiced Rat for the crew. (And Thale)

The ship takes off from Footfall and heads out to the transit point out of system… The Luck blazes forward and then her engines stop dead and she continues to coast along towards the edge of the Shield Shrines effect. Lucian races to get the engines back online and tries to convince the Machine Spirit to admit that the ship has engines. However, the ship doesn’t remember ever having engines and isn’t willing to admit that it might have engines now. Eventually, Lucian is able to get the Machine Spirit to accept that it has engines and always had engines and it doesn’t know why Lucian is complaining about them not working since obviously they are working now aren’t they.

Areidna notices, however, that the ship tends to pull towards planetary bodies but when Lucian goes to try to find a way to fix it… The problems stop.

Once the ship gets out to the transit points, the ship translates into warp and heads along towards it’s destination. Along the trip however, the geller field starts to fluctuate and ribbons of the warp starts to intrude upon the ship. Kalmen and Areadna vox to complain to Lucian about it and Lucian is unable to stop the field from failing. Claxons are ringing across the ship and Torian is hiding in his bed room and fails his fear test. The crew is also not doing well since this is amongst their first few transits and things are falling to shit.

Kalmen is able to wrest the ship into realspace at around the time that the geller field fails completely. As the auspex units go into action to try to piece together the location and setting of the unexpected warp exit, Lucian tries to figure out what is wrong and totally fucks up the roll(00) and has no fate points left. :) However, Lucian is willing to burn his “good luck” and so a junior tech priest points out that Lucian tripped over a cable and once plugged back in… the diagnostics report what needs to be fixed. A two day job to get the Geller field online.

The astropaths in the choir are looked in on after the warp horrors and the “space space space” guy is standing in the middle of the primary choir chamber shouting “WEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!” at the top of his lungs.

Hours or so later, the auspex units have started to return information that can be regarded as possibly truthworth and the void outside can be pieced together.

They find a single rogue planet far outside the blessed warmth of a primary star it’s atmosphere frozen into solid by the cold void around it. The ship continues it’s scans and a couple hours later, a brilliant flash of burning psychic power floods the ship and lights up the auspex array like an Emperor’s Visit tree. The planet is every six hours giving off a huge blast of power and energy as it rotates around it’s axis. Under the ice of the atmosphere there is a power source that is very similar to the output of the astropathic choir.

After spending 1.5 days getting close to the planet and getting more information, Kalmen is pretty certain he can find his way back here again and they don’t haev time to investigate the planetoid further. (M Class world about the size and shape of earth.) They head on to the pickup.

The warp trip to the pickup coordinates is simple and goes off without a hitch. We ended there to pickup next week.




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