Hidden Dynasty

Footfall Pt1(Liege Meeting)

The initial research into the Liege and what is traditional.
Clothing changes of the cast for formal situations.
Intro to the liege’s court.
Kalmen going all third eye on everyone.
Everyone reacting to a rogue trader who is also a Navigator.
Meeting with the liege
Finding of the three(known) psychers.
Meeting with “The Provisor” of the tutors. That went wonderfully. Now, I just need to remember the accent for next time.
Meeting with Vladaym Tocara of the Kasballica Mission.
Saw the old guy… Gonna have to go look at my notes again.

And then 500xp at the end for the last two sessions. I’m going to raise that to 750 since it really should be for 3 sessions. So 11000 xp total. Spend away.

Will be further edited later. :)



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