Hidden Dynasty

Marcella Evolved(06/28/11)

Due to two gamers being absent, both Torian and Kalmen were in spock mode during the game. Not my favorite way of doing things and with the revelations from tonight I really didn’t want to skip it… but I kinda wanted Kalmen around for reasons to be seen later.
After the defeat of the slime worms (Of Ragnar Seven!), the group tracks back to the original Y intersection and heads north to the four way intersection. At the intersection, Lucian has Yorick scout out all three passages and finds that the westerly passage slopes down and curves north. The northern passage slopes down and the eastern passage slopes up and curves north.

After much discussion, Elina eventually snaps and says “The demon is that way just go to the demon!” The rest of the group agrees and the group heads down the northern passage.

The passage keeps heading down for at least a hundred meters and gets slippery the further down you go. Elina notices tracks in the sludge and several drag spots as well and hurries the group along. The group, however, can not go too fast without slipping and risking injury.

Eventually, the passage widens out into a large cavern maybe 3 meters in radius. Inside the cavern, closer to the far wall, are 3-4 glowing green patches of luminescence. Yorick, scouts out the cavern and comes across an image that strikes Lucian to the core and he calls the group forward but warns that they will not like what they see and to be ready against it.

Stepping forward, the group finds a irregular pit in the cavern floor with stalactites and stalagmites in it. The pool itself is full of the slight glowing slime and helps to support the grotesque bulks that resides in it. The six meter long body of a worm coils amongst the slime. The worm is of the same basic structure as the smaller ones that the group fought earlier but for two facets that bring fear to the heart. An arm and a leg protrude from the swollen body and lie back against the slime slicked body of the beast. They are vestigial and shrunken from the human limbs they used to be. Hidden against the body are the other arm and leg, but seen only as outlines in the bulk from where they have fuzed with the body. But worst of all is the mishapen face of a woman that stares out at you from the face of the beast. Marcella, sister to Kalmen and daughter to Geoff, lies in a slime pit from which her body can not escape.

“By the God Emperor”, Lucian intones and the warped mouth opens to speak. “The God Emperor had nothing to do with this Lucian. Where was the God Emperor when I called on his love and mercy?”

“What happened my sister?” asks Kalmen. She explains that she will tell all she knows if he will promise to give her the mercy of the god emperor. Kalmen agrees. Marcella tells the group about how it was Halia who had captured her and tried to twist her to the Dark Gods purpose but she resisted. Halia had been the one at the moon that Kalmen had investigated. Halia had been the one who corrupted her Bishop and used him to enact several of the rites for her Dark God. Halia had been the one to warp Jace to terror. After the game a discussion occurred about the hints that I’d placed. The group almost guessed it was Halia after Jace’s diary said “his sister” had done it but the group moved on from that subject and figured he must have meant Marcella.

Marcella asked that Kalmen stop Halia and keep his side of the bargain. Kalmen does so and kills Marcella with a long burst from his heavy bolter. Her body slumps back into the pool that had changed her. Discovered in the pool are four of the cultists bodies two of them with sacks. Kalmen pulls the sacks out of the goo telekinetically and opens them. Inside are organs and entrails.

Zaminski attempts to call The Luck but can’t reach the ancient ship above them. The group quickly heads back up to the entrance to the caverns and argues about how to best leave the planet. Zaminski takes charge and suggests a teleport and damn the guncutter. Kalmen eventually, voxes the guncutter and tells them to return to the ship and has the teleportarium transport them back to the ship.

Zaminski sends a message to Holyoak to be alert and to not allow Halia in the cathedral. Kalmen sends a message to his father about what they have found and turns the ship towards Sanctuary for the return trip and the handling of a sibling.

30 minutes into the trip back a little before the earliest communication back from the station would be expected, the auspex officer illustrates something on the viewscreen. A bright white light has flared into life in the outer solar syster. It flares, burns for several seconds and then dies. With a voice full of shock, the auspex crew says… “That was Sanctuary… The station… It’s gone!”

And we ended the game there… After game discussion spoke about the millions of inhabitants that lived on the station and how they are all dead. Holyoak, Fulsom and maybe Bishop Tarsus are all dead as well. The largest population of the solar system all dead. Luke had the horrified thought of “Maybe she’s using their souls as a summoning.” But that will get handled next week.



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