Hidden Dynasty

One of these things is inside the other...

I’m not sure exactly the order for this next stuff. But I’ll get it down

Bishop Fisher stays onboard the Luck since the Gambit is off to gather Bishop Tarsus from Eos.

Kalmen talks to the Enginseer Prime on Sanctuary and arranges to have him remove the last copy of the video from cogitor array.

Torian gets the dirt on Holyoak and speaks with Fulsom in the market. He speaks with fulsom about what is going on with his flock and warns him about what’s been happening.

Kalmen decides that it’s better to be safe than sorry and has Elina mindsquidge Fisher. But Elina gets more than she bargained for and finds a hidden personality that wakes up at her probing. She starts to probe the second mind and finds it probing her back. She cuts the link and attacks Fisher. Fisher changes his hand into what looks like bone and attacks Kalmen. Kalmen and Elina together kill him and the body is disposed of quite quickly.

Kalmen alerts his father and halia to the issue. Geoff says that to get to the bottom of this “We’ll purge the whole damn church if we have to.” Halia regrets that her bishop was bad but is willing to put as many people to the flame as needed to protect Father.

At the end… Everyone goes to sleep and we wake to a new day. We’ve got a couple days left before Halia gets back with Bishop Tarsus.



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