Hidden Dynasty

The final fight amongst family...

This post is for two weeks of sessions and will have an XP reward at the end…

Vryce’s Luck arrives at the ruin of Sanctuary to discover that the Vryce’s Gambit has become The Emperor’s Bane and is waiting for them in the debris field. A verbal sparing match goes on between Halia and Kalmen and then the fight begins… The Vryce’s Luck finds itself out maneuvered and after a bad thruster hit storms out past the ruins of the station to the lifters that are broadcasting SOS calls.

The Luck is able to find it’s way to the closest one and finds the lifter pilot a able pilot and addition to the crew. Other than the fact that she’s Zaminski’s sister and also possibly crazy. But a different crazy.

After that, next session the Luck returns to the fight and manages to give the Emperor’s Bane a sound thrashing. Much more so than intended. Grrrr The final volley from Thale sends the ship to it’s doom and breaches the warp core on the ship. Through able piloting, Vryce’s Luck is able to weather the tear in the materium that threatens to pull the ship to it’s doom. Emperor’s Bane is not so lucky and is utterly swallowed by the malevolent hell of the warp.

A salvage operation of Sanctuary continues but finds little to be happy with. The destruction of the station is near absolute. Pieces of the station and void frozen bodies rain against the hull of the Luck while the search continues.

Families on board the ship, when duties permit, search the expanding field for loved ones or even those known to them. They find little but further cause to weep.

A beacon from an outer moon calls the Luck to the surface where a unassuming hiding spot produces the Vryce Warrant of Trade as well as a holo recording of Kalmen’s father wishing him luck.

Over the course of the next two months… the warp storm recedes into memory and a strange shimmering and blinking starfield replaces it’s horror filled space. Bouts of agoraphobia run rampant in those born in the peculiar void that is Helios. Suddenly, the people of the world look up to no longer see the warp ceiling they are used to. The night sky is no longer purple and odd shades of colors that burn the eye to look at them.

Helios is irrevocably changed… but the dynasty is free again to ply it’s trade amongst the systems of the Koronus Expanse.

So, the formative portion of the game is over. This next game makes all large scale changes to the characters permanent. So think about what you want to do with the character and it is settled tonight. As a reward for surviving and finishing the first portion of the game… one Fate Point is awarded to all. Please record this on the character sheets. Also, a full 1000xp is awarded to all. Total XP is now 10250. Once it’s spent to 10k, this will put everyone at Rank 3 Rogue Traders. :)



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