Elina Idona (Dark Heresy Char) -- Not Used

Creation Attempt with Dark Heresy Rules.. to fit char idea better

Elina Idona Scholar Medicae Imperial Psyker
XP 5750
Spent XP 5700
UnSpent XP 50
Wounds 13
Current Wound 10
Fate Points 3
Insanity Points 5
Corruption Points 0
Armour 5(6 for 1st attk/rnd)
Initiative +2
Movement 4/8/12/24
Fatigue 3 Levels
Name Bonus Stat
Weapon Skill 2 26
Ballistic Skill 3 30
Strength 3 32
Toughness 3 32
Agility 4 46
Intelligence 2 28
Perception 3 38
Will Power 5 54
Fellowship 3 28
Subskin Armour +2 armour to legs, arms and body (stacks with other armour for those locations)
Imperial World (Elifar) +3 WP
Literacy (Int) Basic
Speak Language(High Gothic) Basic
-5 Forbidden Lore
Trained Skills
Dodge (Agility)
Invocation +10 (WP) Full Action to take a WP test. On Success, can add WP bonus to Power Roll
Literacy (Int)
Psyniscience +10 (Per) Skill Use: Full Action. Elina,with the Psyniscience Skill, can sense the currents and eddies of the warp. The Explorer can use the Skill to detect the presence or absence of daemons and the use of psychic powers. The Skill also allows detection of psychic phenomena, disturbances, voids, or other areas where the flow of the immaterium has been unsettled or disrupted. The general results of Psyniscience tests are summarised below
Degrees of Success Result
Standard Success Awareness of immaterium disruption or
number of entities present
One Approximate direction of the phenomena or
Two Rough location of the warp creatures or
beings affecting the immaterium.
Three + Exact position of the creatures or psykers
Speak Language (Low Gothic) (Int)
Trade SoothSayer (Bone Dice)
Basic Skills
Common Lore (Imperium) (Int)
Common Lore (Imperial Creed) (Int)
Common Lore (War) (Int)
Literacy (Int)
Silent Move(Ag)
Speak Language(High Gothic)
Name Description
Blind Fighting 1/2 penalty to fighting in environments that obscure vision.
Catfall Whenever Elina falls, test Agility as a free action. On a success, and for every degree of success, reduce the distance fallen by a number of meters equal to my Agility bonus for the purpose of determining the damage dealt by the fall.
Chem Geld Seduction attempts against me automatically fail. Difficulty of all Charm tests made against me increase by one step(Challenging 0 becomes Difficult(10). Gain one Insanity point.
Flagellent Each day, spend one point of damage upon myelf. Can not treat or heal this damage.
+10 Willpower test to resist mind control and Maligancy tests.
If have Frenzy talent, can enter frenzied state as a free action.
If fail to flagellate on a given day, -5 penalty to all Tests due to shame and guilt.
Jaded Elina’s wide travels have shown both wonders and horrors beyond the ken of most. The galaxy has thrown its worst at her and she has yet to flinch. Outrageous events, from death’s horrific visage to xenos abominations, will not cause Insanity Points or Fear Tests. Terrors of the Warp still affect Elina normally.
Melee Weapon Training(Primitive)
Paranoia Always on the lookout for danger and secretly know the galaxy is out to get me.
+2 to Initiave rolls.
GM secretly rolls to test Perception to see if I notice hidden threats. Others may find my constant muttering and being twitchy look unnerving.
Pistol Weapon Training( Las )
Power Well +1 to manifesting power
Rapid Reaction Elina has a hair trigger and react to change in any situation in an instant. When surprised or ambushed, Elina may make an Agility test to act normally.
Sound Constitution +2 wounds (taken twice)
Sprint Taking a full move action, I move an extra number of meteres equal to my Agility bonus. When running, may move double movement for one round. If I use this talent two turns in a row, gain one level of fatigue.
Discipline Focus: Telekinesis +2 Power Roll Telekinesis
Psyker Abilities Psy Rating 4
Power Well +1 to all Manifesting powers
+2 Bonus to Power Roll Telekinesis
+0 Bonus to Power Roll Divination
1 Sustained -4
2 Sustained -8
3 Sustained -16
Minor Abilities Threshold Focus Time Sustained Range Description
Precognition 6 Half Action Yes Me +10 Dodge
+10 WS to Parry
Distort Vision 8 Free Action No Me With this power your physical form distorts and you almost fade from view. Your precise location becomes extremely difficult to discern, and until the start of your next turn all attacks against you suffer a –30 penalty to hit. Characters with the Blind Fighting Talent only suffer a –10 penalty. A successful Challenging (+0) Psyniscience Test removes this penalty for the attacker. Sensory equipment based on standard optical sensors are fooled by this power; ones that read thermal patterns, use motion sensors, or rely on some other form of detection are not. Creatures and sensors that do not rely on sight are not affected by this power
Weapon Jinx 8 Full Action No 50m You reach into a nearby weapon with your mind to disrupt its function. Any one weapon within range that is not in the primitive weapon category instantly jams. For every 5 points above threshold, I can extend range by 10 meters, or effect one additional weapon.
Deja Vu 8 Half Action No 30m Create a memory loop in a persons mind, causing their thoughts to slip back a few seconds. Elina must be able to see the target and they must be within range of the power. They are permitted a WP test to resist. If fail, they must repeat the same action they took the last round
Wall Walk 8 Half Action Yes Me Elina can negate all penalties from low or high gravity worlds. In addition, Elina can walk on walls or ceilings for as long as this power is active. Elina moves across surfaces as 1/2 movement rate. Agility test to go between a wall and ceiling and ice versa, unless a full action is used to ease way onto new surface.
Fearful Aura 7 Full Action Yes Me Elina can twist reality in such a way to make her appear more sinister and dangerous. Elina becomes the source of dread for anyone who looks upon her. She gains fear rating of 2. For every 10 points above threshold, Fear rating gets +1
Sense Presence 7 Half Action Yes 50m Elina can get vague inkling of other life forms within range. She automatically detects all living creatures in ares. Elina is aware of the direction of each life-form, but not their exact distance or location. You can distinguish between different sizes (eg. miniscule, puny…enormous, massive) but you cannot determine exact species or race. For every 5 points above threshold, extend range by 10 meters
Chameleon 7 Half Action Yes Me Elina can blur reality around her and blend in with surroundings. +30 Concelement Tests. All opponents get -20 to Ballistic skill Tests against Elina
Touch of Madness 11 Full Action No 100m Elina reaches into the mind of a target within range and force the target to experience images of utter insanity. Target gets WP test to resist. If fail, roll on Mental Traumas chart. For every 10 poitns over, affect additional target
White Noise 8 Full Action Yes 10m Any tests to detect presence as well as anyone in range of Elina using either psychic or technological means count as Hard(-20). If the means dont require a test, the user must make an Ordinary(10) WP test if using Psychic means, or an Ordinary(10) Int Test if using Technological means. For every 5 points above threshold, +10 meter
Spasm 7 Half Action No 50M Cause targets muscles to spasm. WP test to resist power. Target will twitch in uncontrollable and possibly humorous way. If carrying a ballistic weapon, it will go off, making Ballistic test to hit closest creature. In addition, target falls to ground and must use stand action to regain their feet. For every 5 points above threshold, can effect additional target, or worsen difficulty of WP test by one step.
Healer 7 Full Action No 10m Willing target removes 1d5 damage. If used on subject more than once in 6 hour period, they must make Toughness test or take 1d5 damage instead. (No reduction from armour or Toughness)
Forget Me 6 Half Action No 10m Elina becomes instantly forgettable, and peson cant seem to recall meeting me. Target gets Ordinary(+10) WP test. Memory returns after 1d10 min. Every 5 over threshold, can pick from following: extend effects to one additional target, add extra 1d10 min to duration, or worsen difficulty of WP by one step.
Resist Possession 6 Reaction No Me Elina creates a mental ward to shield her mind from the warp. Any time in the next hour, she may re-roll any failed test to resist being possessed by a demon
Flash Bang 6 Half Action No 20m Create a bright flash and a deafening bang. Anyone within range must succeed Routine(+20) WP test or become stunned for 1 round. For every 5 above threshold, Difficulty worsens by one step
Inflict Pain 8 Half Action Yes 100m WP test to resist. target suffes -10 to all Tests as they struggle to control pain. For every 10 points above threshold, extend power to additional target.

Telekinesis Abilities

Telekinesis Abilities Threshold Focus Time Sustained Range Description
Psychic Blade 19 Half Action Yes Me Use willpower to hit
1d10 +2/wp bonus
When rolling a 95-00 while attacking with a Psychic Blade, a stray thought causes the psyker to attack and automatically strike the nearest being within melee range. If there are several targets, the psyker strikes the one that is most significant to his emotional state. If there is no one in range, he automatically strikes himself.
Catch Projectiles 16 Reaction No 1m x WP bonus Until end of next turn, discount number of hits from incoming missile(projectile) attacks equal to WP bonus, causing them to hang in the air. When power ends, they fall harmlessly to the ground.
Force Barrage 21 Full Action No 10m x WP bonus Manifest one bolt per WP bonus. Can fire each bolt when power manifests.
WP test to hit target.
1d10 impact damage +1/WP bonus.
For every 5 exceed power threshold, generate extra bolt.

Divination Abilities

Divination Abilities Threshold Focus Time Sustained Range Description
Precognition Dodge 11 Free Action No Me When manifesting power, Elina appears to walk in combat with what appears to be astounding grace or incredible luck. Until end of next turn, all Ballistic Skill Tests made to hit me suffer -30 penalty
Precognitive Strike 17 Free Action No Me Until end of next turn, gain +20 to all Willpower tests to hit with Psy Blade and all Ballistic Skill Tests

Equipment: (Max Carry: 56kg, Max Lift: 112kg, Max Push: 225kg)
Combat Las Pistol
Range RoF Damage Pen Clip Rld Special kg Availability
30m S/–/– 1d10+2 E 0 30 Full Reliable 1.5 Common
Psycanaa Mercy Blade
Enforcer Light Carapice(Good Quality) (+5) AP 6 for first attack in every round
Void Suit
Psy Focus: Necklace
Sanctioning Brand
Dice Bones
Spent EXP On


Not your typical Astropath, per se, Elina is an Astropath. Born and raised on Elifar, she quickly was taught the structure and rigid training of an Imperium from an early age. Her parents, Letho and Elina, were both Imperial Guards stationed on Elifar and met in the program to become drill sergeants. Years later, when she was still relatively a newborn, and actually not even named yet, her parents were shipped off to a neighboring planet to help with an Ork invasion, as a sort of training mission for their respective squads. During the ensuing battles, Elina’s mother was captured, tortured and eventually killed. When Letho returned and heard of the news he was devastated and his hatred for Orks grew. He named their child Elina in respect and admiration for his soon departed.
He loved his child very much, but he was extra hard on her in hopes that she would be as strong as them and not meet the same fate. Letho taught her how to fight, how to carry orders, and how to protect those in your squad from a very early age with meticulous discipline. She was able to shoot weapons, but during skill tests, she showed to be very agile and excelled at staff and sword combat. Because of her agility, battle techniques like dodging came natural to her and offensive strikes looked like a dance as her agility allowed her to move with ease and in ways many hand to hand combatants were incapable of. She was also breed with the distinct hatred for Orks by her father, not only for the closeness and annoyances of neighboring planets and stories of their horrendous deeds, but also for the obvious fact that they denied Elina of her mothers love.
Elina was well on her way to be a ranking officer in the guard when it was discovered she had manifested other abilities. Not wanting to keep it a secret, Elina voluntarily submitted herself to one of the nearby Black Ships of the Adeptus Astra Telepathica who was out in this sector collecting newly discovered psykers. Based on her upbringing on this Fortress world, they trained her to be a battle psyker and she was able to use her powers in ways she could never imagine like being able to instantly conjure a deathly psy blade (first from left on image, with black color of third) that protruded from her left arm that was shaped with jagged edges and shining a blackness colour in a way to bring fear to her enemies.
Eventually her training was enhanced after she survived the soul binding process with the Emperor. Leaving her with sunken-empty eye sockets, which like all Astropaths, can still see perfectly, and also the loss of smell, she was now officially a sanctioned weapon for the Imperium in ways her father never imagined, who was relived and proud to hear she survived the process. Again, because of her fortitude and upbringing, she was selected to be an apprentice of another Astropath that was assigned to a Rogue Trader organization that was selected to scout and establish a new world. As with all things involved with the warp, a great storm came from nowhere and during the ensuing events, the Astropath she was to be the apprentice of, died.
Now, being the only Astropath and link to the outside world, and being recognized by the head Rogue Trader that she became a high commodity, Elina was put into stasis until desperately needed. Even though she was trained to follow orders without debate, the notion of being imprisoned did not take to her very well with this being the one personal stubbornness. After much verbal and physical resistance, she relented.

< need to update with story of first unfreezing here.. maybe Matta has this written up somewhere?? >

Elina Idona (Dark Heresy Char) -- Not Used

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