Elina Idona

Rank 3 AstroPath Pet: Enyo

Elina Idona AstroPath Rank 2
XP 10600 (11000 – 400 starting exp)
Spent XP 10250
UnSpent XP 350
Wounds 13
Current Wound 0
Fate Points 3
Spent Fate Points 0
Insanity Points 4
Corruption Points 28
Armour 5(6 for 1st attk/rnd)
7(8 with Subskin Armour)
Movement 4/8/12/24
Fatigue 0 Levels
Name Bonus Stat
Weapon Skill 4 41
Ballistic Skill 3 38
Strength 3 34
Toughness 5 51
Agility 4 42
Intelligence 3 34
Perception 3 39
Will Power 6 65
Fellowship 3 28
Special Characteristics Description
Subskin Armour +2 armour to legs, arms and body (stacks with other armour for those locations)
Astropath Protection of SoulBinding The astropath is afforded a degree of protection by his unique soul binding to the Emperor that few psykers can hope for. An Astropath Transcendent gains +20 to her Willpower when resisting Possession, in any opposed Willpower Test against a daemon, or whenever making a Willpower Test to resist any Talent, Psychic Power, special ability, or other effect originating from a daemon. An Astropath Transcendent rolls an additional d10 when rolling on the Perils of the Warp table and may discard any one d10 for a more favourable result.
Creature Features – Natural Weapon – Toxic 2 Additional Arms end in spikes with a stinger. Use Arms To Make Attacks with Weapon Skill(No Penetration), that deals Toxic Attack. 1d10 + 2 + Str Bonus Toxic 1d10 if Fail Toughness Test
Origins Description
Fortress World (Elifar) +5 BS, +5 WP, -5 Int, -5 Fel
Secret Tongue (Military)(Int), Common Lore(War) (Skills)
Hatred (Xenos) (Orks) (Talent)
Basic Weapon Training (Las) (Talent)
Nerves of Steel (Talent)
-5 for interaction(social) tests on things not involving combat.
Unnatural Origin: Tainted by the Warp (200xp) Dark Soul, Jaded (Talent)
Forbidden Lore (Warp) as untrained Basic (Skill)
3 WP, -3 Fel (8 Corruption)
Tainted: Mutant (200xp for choosing) Wyrdling – X2 psychic technique (Talents)
No use of Base Discipline or Technique
2 psi rating (+1 if psyker)
Press-Ganged (Unwilling Accomplice) +Any Skill(Acrobatics), +Common Lore Skill
React violently to the idea of being imprisoned( Wp to avert )
Pride +3 T
Trained Skills Description
Dodge (Agility)
Acrobatics (Agility) Acrobatics training supplements Elina’s natural agility to perform feats the less athletic would not even consider. Leaping between catwalks in the enginarium and flipping over the heads of shorter foes is possible with this skill. The difficulty of the Test depends on the difficulty of the feat involved: dodging around the legs of an enraged xeno and leaping from stone to stone in a swirling magma flow would both present significant challenges. The more Degrees of Success obtained, the more stylish or dramatic the end result.
Skill Use: Full Action unless otherwise noted.
Special use: Disengage
When taking the Disengage Action in combat, Elina may make an Acrobatics Test to reduce it to a Half Action.
Special use: Jump & Leap
An Acrobatics Test may substitute for an Agility Test when
jumping or a Strength Test when leaping, according to the
appropriate rules on page 266.
Invocation +20 (WP) An Invocation test is a Full Action. For the duration of the round, Elina clears her mind of external influence and focuses her will more intently. This may be through recitation of mantras, use of psychic foci, or meditation. A successful test indicates that her mind is ready to channel the warp more intensely than usual while still limiting her exposure. On the next round, Elina adds +1 to the final Psy Rating of any Fettered Power Test. Failure on the Invocation Test indicates that Elina’s attempts to focus have backfired, and she suffers a –1 penalty to the final Psy Rating of a Fettered Power Test. If this reduces the Psy Rating to zero, the power fails to activate. Skill Use: Full Action.
Literacy (Int)
Awareness (Per)
Common Lore (War) (Int) +10 to roll
Common Lore (Adeptus Astra Telepathica) (Int)
Forbidden Lore (Psyker) (Int)
Scholastic Lore (Cryptology) (Int)
Secret Tongue (Military) (Int)
Psyniscience +30 (Per) Skill Use: Full Action. Elina,with the Psyniscience Skill, can sense the currents and eddies of the warp. The Explorer can use the Skill to detect the presence or absence of daemons and the use of psychic powers. The Skill also allows detection of psychic phenomena, disturbances, voids, or other areas where the flow of the immaterium has been unsettled or disrupted. The general results of Psyniscience tests are summarised below
Degrees of Success Result
Standard Success Awareness of immaterium disruption or
number of entities present
One Approximate direction of the phenomena or
Two Rough location of the warp creatures or
beings affecting the immaterium.
Three + Exact position of the creatures or psykers
*Special use: Astropathic Interference *
Elina can also use the Psyniscience skill to block the
communications of other Astropaths. Used in this way,
this is an Opposed Test, with the interfering Astropath
suffering a –10 penalty for each Void Unit between himself
and the target. If successful, the blocking Astropath stops
the blocked Astropath’s ship from sending or receiving
Astropathic transmissions.
Speak Language (High Gothic, Low Gothic) (Int)
Scholastic Lore (Tactica Imperialis) (Int)
Secret Tongue (Rogue Trader) (Int)
Basic Skills
Forbidden Lore (Warp) From Tainted by Warp
Silent Move(Ag)
Talents Description
Jaded Elina’s wide travels have shown both wonders and horrors beyond the ken of most. The galaxy has thrown its worst at her and she has yet to flinch. Outrageous events, from death’s horrific visage to xenos abominations, will not cause Insanity Points or Fear Tests. Terrors of the Warp still affect Elina normally.
Hatred ( Orks ) Orks have wronged Elina in the past, fuelling this animosity. When fighting orks in close combat, Elina gains a +10 bonus to all Weapon Skill Tests made against them.
Basic Weapon Training( Las )
Nerves of Steel Long years on the battlefield enable Elina to remain calm as fire impacts all around. She may re-roll failed Willpower Tests to avoid or recover from Pinning.
Dark Soul Prolonged exposure to darkness has acted as an inoculation against all that is foul, granting Elina resilience against corruption. Whenever she makes a Malignancy Test, she takes half the normal penalty.
Pistol Weapon Training ( Universal )
Heightened Senses ( Sound ) +10 to Sound Tests
Rite of Sanctioning Elina has been brought before the Emperor and has received a miniscule fraction of His awesome strength, making Elina far more resistant to the predations of the Warp. When rolling for Psychic Phenomena, Elina may substitute her trademark result for the effect rolled on the table, so long as she does not roll Perils of the Warp.
Trademark Effect – Veil of Darkness: For a brief moment (effectively the remainder of the round), the area within Elina 3d10 metres is plunged into immediate darkness.
Psi Rating 5 Psychic Phenomena Pg. 160
Perils of the Warp Pg. 161
Total Recall Mental conditioning or augmetics enable Elina to record and recall great amounts of information, effectively granting hera perfect memory.She can automatically remember trivial facts or pieces of information that might feasibly have picked up in the past. When dealing with more detailed, complex, or obscure facts, such as the deck plans of a space hulk or a complex xeno pictograph, the GM may require an Intelligence Test.
Resistance (Psychic Powers) Elina’s background, experience, training, exposure, or plain stubbornness has inured him to a particular type of hardship. Each time Elina selects this Talent, choose one group. He gains a +10 bonus when making Tests to resist the effects of this group. The GM may wish to approve certain choices or have them justified by the character’s past.
Sound Constitution Increase Wounds +1
Sound Constitution(2) Increase Wounds +2
Astropath Abilities Psi Rating 5
Telepathy Abilities (Page 162)
Telepathy Abilities Focus Power Test Sustained Range Description
Delude Opposed Willpower Yes 1m x Psy Rating One of the simpler Telepathic tricks, Delude allows Elina to subtly mask her intentions and manipulate others into reacting favourably to her for a short time. Elina makes an Opposed Willpower Test against the target. If Elina succeeds, the target will find Elina to be a person deserving of respect and react positively to any friendly overtures she makes. For as long as Elina maintains this power, she gains a +30 bonus to all Interaction Skill Tests against the target. Note that this technique is not ‘mind control’ as such and Elina cannot force others to act against their better judgement, harm themselves, nor hide acts of overt hostility by Elina.
Compel Opposed Willpower No 5m x Psy Rating The next level of compulsion, this technique allows Elina to force others to briefly act against their will. Elina makes an Opposed Willpower Test against the target. If Elina succeeds, the target must follow her commands. The commands must be simple and achievable in one round. Some examples include “Flee,” “Fall,” “Attack the closest target,” and so forth. If the command is a potentially suicidal act, the target gets a +20 to his Opposed Willpower Test.
Beastmaster Opposed Willpower Yes 5m x Psy Rating Elina can establish rudimentary control over animals. She can affect a number of animals (creatures with the Bestial
trait) equal to her Psy Rating, and if Elina succeeds at the Opposed Willpower Test, the target animals must follow her psychic commands. Each round, Elina may spend a Reaction to give a single animal a simple command such as “Come here”, “Guard me,” “Run,” “Attack,” and so forth. The
animal will do its best to follow the command. If the animal feels threatened, becomes injured, or is commanded to act in manner contrary to its nature, it may make a further Opposed
Willpower Test against Elina with a +10 bonus to break free of the psyker’s control. How the animal reacts if it breaks free depends largely on how Elina treated the animal
Mind Probe Opposed Willpower No 1m x Psy Rating This technique allows Elina to peel back the layers of another’s mind to read the basic surface thoughts and beyond. It takes 5 rounds of sustained effort to complete the mind probe. Elina must win an Opposed Willpower Test to
successfully establish the forced link to the target’s mind. Each Round, Elina digs successively deeper into the subject’s consciousness. If Elina wins the Opposed Willpower Test, she gleans certain information from the target’s mind, depending on what level of contact she has achieved (see Table 6–6: Mind Probe). If Elina fails the Opposed Willpower Test, the probe is rebuffed, the technique fails, and Elina suffers one level of Fatigue for every degree of failure. This is also not a gentle process, brute force is a factor, and the target will be aware that his mind is being plundered. However, Elina retains any knowledge she received at each level she successfully attained. If Elina wants to perform the Probe without the target’s knowledge, then Elina takes a –20 penalty to the Opposed Willpower Test and can only use this technique at the Fettered Psychic Strength. Although a successful Mind Probe takes five Rounds to complete, it only requires a single Focus Power Test. Failing the Focus Power Test (or losing, as it is an Opposed Test) only takes one Round for Elina manifesting the power
Table 6–6: Mind Probe
Round One (Contact)
Elina makes initial contact, and learns basic information about the target such as his name, mood, Insanity level, and the state of his physical health.
Round Two (Surface Thoughts)
Now Elina can sense the thoughts uppermost in the target’s mind, such as immediate fears/concerns, conscious lies, etc. The target’s Corruption level is also now known to Elina.
Round Three (Short Term Memory)
Elina can now sort through the target’s memories over the last 12 hours. Less casual information the subject may keep as secrets—such as simple passwords or recent experiences he might wish to hide—may also be available at this level.
Round Four (Subconscious)
Elina now gains detailed information about people, places, or objects that the target considers as important and how they relate to each other. The target’s beliefs, motivations and personal goals are known, as any contacts or complicated hidden ciphers. Elina is also aware of the pivotal moments in the target’s life.
Round Five (Broken)
Elina may plunder the target’s mind at will. Any information contained in the target’s psyche is an open book for the psyker. Elina can also use this technique to identify implanted memories or personalities.
Telekinesis Abilities Psychic Technique (not associated with base Discipline due to Tainted: Mutation)
Telekinesis Abilities Focus Power Test Sustained Range Description
Force Bolt Willpower No 10m x Psy Rating Elina can hurl a bolt of force at an opponent. If she activates the Technique, she hits the target with a psychic ranged attack that deals 1d10 Impact Damage, with +2 damage per effective Psy Rating. This attack can be dodged in the same manner as any other ranged attack.
Telekinetic Weapon Willpower Yes Personal To strike with the Psychic Weapon, Elina makes a Weapon Skill Test—the Telekinetic weapon may be parried, but is not destroyed by weapons with the Power Field quality (see page 116). If the weapon hits, it does 1d10 Rending Damage with a bonus of +1 Damage per Psy Rating. Additionally, the weapon has a Penetration value equal to the Elina’s Psy Rating.

Equipment:        (Max Carry: 56kg,  Max Lift: 112kg,  Max Push: 225kg)
        Best-Craftsmanship Las Pistol
                  Range RoF Damage Pen Clip Rld Special kg Availability
                  30m S/–/– 1d10+2 E 0 30 Full Reliable 1.5 Common
        Shock Staff
        Guard Flak Armor (+4) (+5 against damage from weapons with the Blast Quality)
        Enforcer Light Carapice(Good Quality) (+5) AP 6 for first attack in every round
        Void Suit
        Psy Focus
        1x Stimm  
            Stimm is a powerful drug that works to mask pain and 
            drive fighters on when their bodies would otherwise give 
            up. A dose of stimm lasts 3d10 Rounds. During this time a 
            character ignores any negative effects to his Characteristics 
            from Damage or Critical Damage and cannot be Stunned. 
            When the stimm wears off, the character takes a –20 penalty 
            to Strength, Toughness and Agility Tests for one hour.
Spent EXP On

750xp from 1st gaming session
Dodge 200xp
Rite of Sanctioning 500xp - Veil of Darkness: For a brief moment 
                           (effectively the remainder of the round), 
                            the area within 3d10 metres is plunged
                            into immediate darkness.
Willpower(Simple) - 100xp  - +5 WP

800xp (750 + 50 from before)
Willpower(Intermediate) - 250xp - +5 WP
Willpower(Trained) - 500xp - +5wp
(50xp left over)

300xp (250 + 50 from before)
Agility(Simple) +5 AGL

(650xp + 50 left over)
Perception(Simple) +5 PER (250xp)
Toughness(Simple) +5 TOUGH (250xp)
Intelligence(Simple) +5 INT (100xp)
total = 600
leaving 100xp left

550xp + 100xp = 650 xp
Astropath Power - Beastmaster (200xp)
Astropath Power - Mind Probe (200xp)
Total Recall Talent (200xp)  
50xp left over

500xp + 100xp = 600xp
Psy Rating increase to 4 - 300xp
Resistance (Psychic Powers) - 300xp

Invocation +10 - (200xp)
Psyniscience +10 - (200xp)

Scholastic Lore(Tactica Imperialis) - (400xp)

Sound Constitution(x2) - (400xp)
Toughness (Intermediate) +5 Toughness (500xp)
Secret Tongue (Rogue Trader) (100xp)

Psy Rating increase to 5 - (200xp)
Psyniscience +20, making it a Talented, for a total of +30 - (200xp)

350xp left over

look into the talents two weapon wielder... swift attack... lightning attack and furious assault. 
counter attack, dual strike, wall of steel, hard target
Astropath Page 49

Things to acquire 
Subskin armour for new arms
personal shield tech prefs?  --- a good one hehe
Medical implant
Weapon training to attack  - look into the talents two weapon wielder... swift attack... lightning attack and furious assault.
Teleportation pack(warp jump pack)
Force Weapon.  (Force Sword due to nature of character)

A pet using beastmaster astropath ability.
    --train it and use it.  Deadlier the better
Subskin armour for new pet
Regular armour for pet.. ala Battle Cat(He-Man)


Not your typical Astropath, per se, Elina is an Astropath. Born and raised on Elifar, she quickly was taught the structure and rigid training of an Imperium from an early age. Her parents, Letho and Elina, were both Imperial Guards stationed on Elifar and met in the program to become drill sergeants. Years later, when she was still relatively a newborn, and actually not even named yet, her parents were shipped off to a neighboring planet to help with an Ork invasion, as a sort of training mission for their respective squads. During the ensuing battles, Elina’s mother was captured, tortured and eventually killed. When Letho returned and heard of the news he was devastated and his hatred for Orks grew. He named their child Elina in respect and admiration for his soon departed.
He loved his child very much, but he was extra hard on her in hopes that she would be as strong as them and not meet the same fate. Letho taught her how to fight, how to carry orders, and how to protect those in your squad from a very early age with meticulous discipline. She was able to shoot weapons, but during skill tests, she showed to be very agile and excelled at staff and sword combat. Because of her agility, battle techniques like dodging came natural to her and offensive strikes looked like a dance as her agility allowed her to move with ease and in ways many hand to hand combatants were incapable of. She was also breed with the distinct hatred for Orks by her father, not only for the closeness and annoyances of neighboring planets and stories of their horrendous deeds, but also for the obvious fact that they denied Elina of her mothers love.
Elina was well on her way to be a ranking officer in the guard when it was discovered she had manifested other abilities. Not wanting to keep it a secret, Elina voluntarily submitted herself to one of the nearby Black Ships of the Adeptus Astra Telepathica who was out in this sector collecting newly discovered psykers. Based on her upbringing on this Fortress world, they trained her to be a battle psyker and she was able to use her powers in ways she could never imagine like being able to instantly conjure a deathly psy blade (first from left on image, with black color of third) that protruded from her left arm that was shaped with jagged edges and shining a blackness colour in a way to bring fear to her enemies.
Eventually her training was enhanced after she survived the soul binding process with the Emperor. Leaving her with sunken-empty eye sockets, which like all Astropaths, can still see perfectly, and also the loss of smell, she was now officially a sanctioned weapon for the Imperium in ways her father never imagined, who was relived and proud to hear she survived the process. Again, because of her fortitude and upbringing, she was selected to be an apprentice of another Astropath that was assigned to a Rogue Trader organization that was selected to scout and establish a new world. As with all things involved with the warp, a great storm came from nowhere and during the ensuing events, the Astropath she was to be the apprentice of, died.
Now, being the only Astropath and link to the outside world, and being recognized by the head Rogue Trader that she became a high commodity, Elina was put into stasis until desperately needed. Even though she was trained to follow orders without debate, the notion of being imprisoned did not take to her very well with this being the one personal stubbornness. After much verbal and physical resistance, she relented.

< need to update with story of first unfreezing here.. maybe Matta has this written up somewhere?? >

Elina Idona

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