Torian Vryce


Torian Vryce          Rank 3 Seneschal            XP 10250       Spent: 10,000 XP
WS 3 30 11 Wounds
BS 5 50 4 Fate points
STR 3 30 8 Insanity
TOU 4 40 - Corruption
AGL 4 40
INT 5 55
PER 3 35
WP 3 30
FLW 7 70

Special Ability: Seeker of Lore: The Seneschal may spend a Fate Point to 
automatically succeed at any Ciphers, Lore, or Logic Test. 
Doing so means that the Test is resolved in the minimum 
time required. In addition, the Seneschal adds one bonus 
Degree of Success to any successful Commerce, Inquiry, or 
Evaluate Test.
Etiquette +10% authority and formal situations
Legacy of Wealth +1 profit factor
Connection Peer Nobility, Peer Underground 


Destiny: Seeker of the Truth
Enemy Eclest
Dark Voyage
     +5 Insanity
Forbidden Lore (Daemnology)
Exhilaration New Horizons 
common lore Kronus Expanse , Trade Explorator 

Trained Skills: 

Barter +10
Commerce +10
Common Lore Underworld, Koronus Expanse
Deceive x 
Evaluate x
Forbidden Lore (Archeotech)x
Forbidden Lore (Daemonology)
Inquiry x
Secret Tongue (Rogue Traders)
Sound Constitution (x2) 
Logic (Int)
Speak Langague low gothic, traders cant
Scholastic Lore Archaic 
Trade Archeologist 
Silent Move 

Basic Skills:

    Carouse (T)
    Climb (S)
    Command (Fel)
    Concealment (Ag)
    Contortionist (Ag)
    Deceive (Fel)
    Evaluate (Int)
    Gamble (Int)
    Scrutiny (Per)
    Search (Per)
    Silent Move (Ag)
    Speak High Gothic
    Swim (S)

Basic Weapon Training (Universal) 
Pistol Weapon Training (Universal)
Inferno pistol
Xeno-mesh armour. 
Autoquill, dataslate, micro-bead, multikey, two sets of robes, synskin, chrono, cameleoline cloak.


Eisen Vryce always thought his older brother Bigante was too much a gambler. It was true the Helios system was a good opportunity but more extensive warp and planetary surveys would of been prudent. However, Bigante feared another dynasty might establish a colony first and decided to go all in- sending both the family’s ships and the bulk of it’s resources. Eisen stayed behind to run the family’s interests on Footfall and Port Wander. Unfortunately Eisen’s worst fears proved true, the colony fleet was lost in the warp and nothing was heard from Helios for 500 years.

The disaster left the Vryce family without the two things any Rouge Trader dynasty needs, a ship and a warrant of trade. Eisen and his descendants managed to lease a ship and use it to transport minerals between resource rich systems and several Forge Worlds. Although leasing a ship was expensive, these profitable routes and the Footfall inter-system trade at least stabilized the family finances.

Torian grew up in the sprawling decaying Vryce family manse on Footfall. With no money to repair failing grav units, parts of the estate were literally drifting apart. In his early years Torian studied under some of Footfall’s wisest savants. He was particularly fascinated by the ancient lost technology of humanity. Torian might of been a scholar but the family business was more important. 30 years ago the Chorda Dynasty bought out the Vryce Dynasty’s ship leases. With a warrant of trade the Vryces could of fought off this aggression but with no warrant they lost the profitable Forge World routes. With the loss of this income the family began to hemorrhage money. Torian took the best position he could find, an apprenticeship as a Senschal for the Rouge Trader Jericus Kalta on The Emperor’s Might. Torian learned a great deal from the shady Jericus, he became a shrewd trader and made many contacts, both legitimate and in Footfall’s underworld.

During his travels on the Emperor’s Might, Torian met Gallia Chorda. At first Torian got close to the Chordata scion to gain advantage over the rival dynasty. But over time he developed feelings for her and they became lovers. Torian was shocked the next time he visited Footfall that Gallia had disappeared. He eventually learned that the Chorda Matriarch made a habit of kidnapping any potential family rivals and imprisoning them in Stasis. Torian now had a personal as well as family reason to hate the Chorda Dynasty.

Unfortunately, the navigators theoretical knowledge was greater than his skills. He almost made it, but the ship was lost in the warp. The Geller field failed and the ship was overrun with warp entities. Torian could feel the horrors probing his mind. The direct warp exposure left Torian with a strange knowledge and understanding of demons. One of the engineers managed to hobble together a small Geller field which saved Torian from losing his soul completely. Almost the entire crew was killed, only Torian and handful of guardsmen survived the weeks it took them to be rescued.

Torian Vryce

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