Hidden Dynasty

Cardinal Sin

Zaminksi begins the session with a monologue about how the Cardinal is a traitor and then ignites the poor man with both charges of his hand flamers.

Cardinal Dead Guy falls stories to the floor of the cathedral and bisects himself on the pews below in a flaming splooch.

Moments later Lucian falls to the floor clutching his arm and shouting “My Arm… My arm!” Several Acolytes arrive in the room to find a tech priest on the ground and an alive with passionate fervor Bishop standing over him framed by the slowly burning broken window. The acolytes stop stunned and stare at the pair. Bishop Holyoak arrives as Zaminski pronounces Lucian’s arm to be treasonous and cuts it off with his chainsword.

Holyoak commands Zaminski to tell him what in the name of the God Emperor is going on. Zaminski comments that “Good work in the name of the God Emperor is going on” and uses his remaining two charges to immolate the “treasonous” arm of Lucian. The fire suppression system goes off and coats everyone in the room in foam.

Holyoak takes charge, instructs Zaminksi to come with him and to bring the tech priest.

Zaminski voxes to Kalmen(who is on the luck’s live fire range. BUDDA BUDDA) to teleport Lucian and himself out. Kalmen relays the instructions to the Teleportarium and they make a best guess and teleport out a large chunk of the Cathedral somewhere other than where Zaminski is.

The group in the Cardinal’s office hear the collapse of another section of the Cathedral and go to see what has happened. They find a large spherical hole has been ripped out of the Cathedral weakening this area of the station.

Lucian is escorted out of the cathedral and Zaminski head into the back offices with Holyoak. Holyoak yells at Zaminski. Zaminski rails at Holyoak. Much dislike of each other occurs. Zaminski is placed on something akin to Cathedral arrest. Zaminski is informed that a Conclave of Bishops will be occuring as soon as the Bishops can all gather and vote on two issues. Censuring of Zaminski and a new Cardinal. Lucian gets back to the Luck and proceeds to be very unhappy about missing an arm. Zaminski manages to convince the two acolytes set to guard him that he wants to go look for his “Aquila” pendent that he “left” in the cardinal’s chambers. They follow him and watch him as he “searches” the room.

Zaminski is able to contact Kalmen again, (“WHAT?!”) who has the Teleportarium crew lock onto his vox signal and transport the entire room and as much as it can to the luck. “In order to foil the recording systems.”

The Luck grabs yet another (larger) piece of the Cathedral and transports it through the warp and into the Teleportarium. Kalmen arrives with an armsmen crew to escort the survivors out of the wreckage. Zaminski and Lucian end up having a large argument about how Zaminski killed the Cardinal and that he’s lying to the Ecclesiasty.

A loud gasp brings the surrounding armsmen to the arguers attention and the stop talking so loud about things that might make them look in need of a promethium dip. Kalmen volunteers/promotes the armsmen that hear about the trouble to RedShirt Squad and sends them off to get “trained” with Thale. Thale is informed about the issue and welcomes the new meat shields.

About this time, Kalmen gets a call from Geoff about the complaints of Zaminski from Holyoak. Geoff inquires why the carefully selected Cardinal that Geoff put into place about 20 years ago has been killed by one of Kalmen’s people? Kalmen explains that Zaminski was making a power play and might be of some use. Geoff gives Kalmen enough rope and power to investigate and make things work for the family. Then the conversation ends… having “never taken place.”

Everyone is summoned by Kalmen into a conversation about how to solve this mess. Elina mentions that she can brain squidge people now and Zaminski is brought in for questioning. Elina proves Zaminski’s loyalty to the group and is freed of being a traitor but some believe him to still be a danger. Plans are discussed and Torian brings up the idea that the Bishops are all human and therefor can be controlled as such. Holyoak might need to be removed but the others can be bribed or blackmailed. So how to get the information from them.

Kalmen uses that authority(At Torian’s urging) to summon the Bishops that are local to a dinner as a way of showing that the Family is working to help them and show things are still good. Holyoak says he’s got some fine entertainment for the dinner. Holyoak, Fulsom and Fisher(the bishop from the Gambit) are invited to dinner. All of the command crew and important people on the ship are invited to the dinner. Thale is at his most uncomfortable in a formal uniform and without armor or weapons. At the dinner, Lucian is excused since he’s recovering from arm surgery and Zaminski is purposefully excluded. The dinner goes well until Kalmen can excuse himself from the dinner and leave the schmoozing to Torian. Elina proceeds to silently brain slurp Holyoak and Bishop Fulsom(the other Bishop of the station). Holyoak is a sex fiend and Fulsom has fire issues. Fulsom is also there just to watch the fight between holyoak and zaminski and is kinda disappointed that it isn’t going to happen. So Holyoak can be blackmailed pretty easy but Fulsom is a good priest and follower of the God Emperor. Although, he mentions that he’s worried about his flock. They seem distant recently.

But the most important thing that Elina bring up is that Holyoak does have proof that Zaminski killed the Cardinal and did it on purpose. He has a copy on himself, one in his rooms and another on the cogitor it was originally recorded on. Elina excuses herself, heads to bridge to inform the captain and get away from the meal.

Kalmen plans a distraction with zaminski coming into the meal as Holyoak is going to show his dataslate. Kalmen will then use his distraction to steal, edit and then return his dataslate before Zaminski is escorted out. Thale happily leaves the dinner and escorts Zaminski out as well. Holyoak attempts to play his video of Zaminski for the Rogue Traders representative but can’t find it. Surprise Surprise.

Desert arrives and it’s Eotian Jellied Eels and Elina is sent out to go assist Thale with the recovery of the copy in Holyoak’s apartment. Elina is a little miffed and takes the plate of Jellied Eotian Eels with her much to Torian’s chagrin.

Torian, however, takes the bishops on a “tour of the luck… first stop… yeast reprocessing.” And Thale and Elina head out to remove the bishops copy of things.

They are able to get the copy but leave evidence that they were there in the process. Also, they maybe scare a couple priests on the way.

XP oh XP...

Three sessions have gone by.
Short session where Lucian dropped the blade and likely saved his life.
Battle with Jace and the reclamation of his body.
Autopsy of Jace and Zaminski’s move on the Ecclesiarchy.

Short session… No real challenge for the group. 100xp
Battle with Jace… Meh Challenge but not over all. 250xp.
Zaminski and Jace dissection. 150xp.

Total 500xo Spending. 7950 + 500 = 8450 total. Spend my minions… Spend.

Of servitors and brothers...

Jace is found to be part servitor with a speaker in his mouth and Zaminski starts something other people wish they didn’t have to finish.

Gambit Gambit Pt4

Jace is defeated. Elina burns a fate point.

The Gambit Gambit Pt3(05-10-11)

Game was very short because we had a decent number of missing people. Couple people who were injured were healed. Fate points were not used for healing. It was a kinda meh night.

However, dun dun dun!!!! Lucian grabbed the blade and warned with the spirit inside for his very soul. Kalmen attempts to push the blade out of Lucian’s grasp but the strength of his telekinesis is too weak. Elina is too distracted and doesn’t notice anything amiss. Zaminski is unconscious but practically wills his slowly drowning form to sacrifice himself over Lucian. Thale simply knows that if Lucian goes bad he’ll get gunned down and therefor does nothing. In the end, no one can prevent Lucian from grasping the blade.

The feel of the blade is like a warm inviting mothers hug. The voice that welcomes him home is a voice he’s heard before. The voice from the book encounter on the moon thanks him for the sacrifice of his body and welcomes him into the arms of Grandfather. Lucian tries to resist but the warm comforting feel of rot, slime and pestilence surround him and wrap in a delightful crushing embrace. The loving, happy appeal of lying down and surrendering to the kind invading tendrils of fungus and the gentle maws of maggots fills Lucian and he gives in to the joy of decay.

Lucian opens his eyes for one last time and he sees the flesh and technology of his arm warping, shifting and rippling into the same night-black leathery skin of the demon that had wielded it before. He looks down in horror at what is becoming of his body and feels the alien mind moving his own mind and soul out of his body and whispers a quiet prayer to the Omnissiah.

The prayer gives Lucian a moment of peace and a chance to gather his strength. With a prodigious effort, Lucian manages to throw the blade a way and force the foreign intellect out of his head… (Burns a fate point. The effects of demonic possession are bad bad bad…)

From there the blade is left where it dropped, Zaminski wakes up later and the injured area healed. Zaminski pulls aside his armor to find the demon’s blade had ripped right through his flesh. The edges of the wound are necrotic and blackened. The filth of the sewer system has soaked into his chest piece and run merrily through the wound. The filter blocking the path back is cut through. Everyone heads back into the main room with the agitators. The group receives a vox from Halia. Halia has lost a good number of her men but she’s trapped Jace in another area. Kalmen is to come quickly before Jace is able to escape.

Since Kalmen was a brain-dead NPC at the time, we called the night there. (Way way early. Where oh where had our Friar gone… Where oh where could he have been?)

Game ended with two of the crew badly damaged, several of the armsmen dead and the slow stench and rot of the place seeping into the bones of the people in the filth. Some people need MASSIVE amounts of antibiotics. :)

The Gambit Gambit Xp(05/09/11)

Ok, so last gaming session was good. People had fun and much fighting was had. No real social encounters to be had yet but definitely could have been worse. So XP for the one session? Madness you say. But XP none the less.

550xp for the one session. One tough fight plus another meh fight. Two encounters. Although, I might fudge the numbers in other fights differently.

Either way, 550xp. So go spend it.

Total Earned XP is 7950. Individual XP might vary depending upon starting options.

The Gambit Gambit Pt2(04-26-11)

(I was very happy to be able to get through two combats in one night. Both combats were somewhat big so I’m happy with them. I think we’re getting faster with this kinda stuff. So on the the synopsis.)

The fight starts in the larger aeration room as roughly 60 humanoid shapes rise out of the muck and attack. The first blast from the PC group reveals that there isn’t the correct fuel-air ratio for a large scale explosion in the room. (Nobody failed their d30 luck roll so no boom.)

The fight consisted mostly of the large group of guys rushing at the PC’s and support crew and getting chewed up by gun fire. A couple managed to get into hand to hand combat with the rest of the group and managed to hit Kalmen pretty hard. (I’m working from memory here so correct as needed in comments) Although, Kalmen ended up not taking that much damage from the hit.

Eventually the group is defeated and the room is explored. Elina detects two demonic presences to the north and south. The group splits up to investigate and the Kalmen leads the group north.

The group passes through a larger opening in the sewer system that seems meant to process large amounts of waste. The terrain remains difficult but acceptable. The group continues down the pipe until behind them they hear a loud metal clang behind them. The sound is momentarily followed by an echoing noise. Elina is able to see the large filter that has slide into place across the waste pipe. The group falls back to find out what it was and discovers a large filtering system has slide into place over the mouth of the pipe they are in.

Elina’s pushed psi-blade is able to damage the filter and will likely be used to cut their way out. Halia communicates over the vox that she’s had the same thing happen on her side and that for the moment she’s ok. A wild croaking ululation is heard behind the group and they turn to find a group of beasts have approached behind them while they were distracted with the destruction of the filter.

There are roughly 10 quadruped beasts that charge the group. They are strongly muscled with maws full of teeth and rush at the armsmen and PCs. Among the charge is another tall creature of dark flesh. It’s almost 3 meters tall and it’s leathery skin writhes as if it’s muscles moved underneath the skin. It is wield a jet black sword that shimmers in the fetid air of the pipe.

The fight is nasty and three armsmen are eaten by the quadrupeds before they are brought down. While Elina goes toe to toe with the larger demon she is shot in the back by a stray round from Thale. The round blows out the armor of her center torso destroying it while reducing her to a ragged shell of herself. (Spidey brought up the idea that missing shooting into a melee by certain amounts should allow those rounds to hit other people. So we did, and Thale hit Elina for roughly 24 points of damage from righteous fury. It was not a good night for Elina. The critical effect also destroys that area of her armor blowing out the torso of her snazzy new body armor.) Zaminski managed to piss off the monster by doing a quite nice hit with his flamer and drew it’s wrath. Most of the demon’s attacks missed and those who dodged heard it screaming through the air where they had been moments before. However, the beast doggedly pursues Zaminski and manages to score a hit with his demon blade before being vanquished. The blade proves to be an immaterial blade and passes right through Zaminski’s armor inflicting massive damage to the Bishop. (Zaminski is at -5 wounds and 4 levels of fatigue)

The fight comes to a stop and people take a moment to breath. Kalmen begins to survey the scene and notices Lucian wrap his arm in cloth and go to pickup the demon’s blade before it sinks into the muck. Kalmen screams a warning as Lucian’s fingers grasp the hilt of the blade.

(And we called the game done there. “You’re done!” We’ll pickup next session with the after math of the picking up the blade. Lucian has already failed a willpower check before Kalmen gave him a possible out by scanning the room with his warp sight. But we’ll see how it goes.)

(Important, that last fight was tough and the fight before it was moderately tough… so I’ll give out exp for the one night.)

Game canceled for Tonight.

Sorry guys… I’m canceling the game for tonight. Two reasons.

Friar needs to ditch early so we would be limited on time and one of the cats pissed in that room and I haven’t found where yet. grumble So the room smells.

I’m going to have to tear down the entertainment center to try to find where it is and clean it up. And wring a couple kitty necks.

So sadly, tonight… Canceled.

Xp for last week. Adventure log to follow

Get 250 extra xp. For game on March 8th. This was the game where Torian joined us.

XP Totals for all players should now be 6750.

Any players spent XP on starting options should subtract those from that total to get their current totals.

Experience Points to Spend

So everyone shows up to tomorrow with an idea of what they want to do with it. I’m giving out an additional 750 xp to account for the last three gaming sessions.

So everyone will be at a total of 6500 xp. Since everyone was at 5750 xp, once the spent xp crosses over 6000 then people can start buying from Rank 2. Leaving about 500 xp for rank 2 abilities. :)

UPDATE Spidey has correctly pointed out that I am wrong. Rank 2 isn’t actually until 7000 xp. So no Rank 2 abilities should be taken. He, however, has requested that you be given 1000xp free in order to make up for my screw up. Due to his unwavering dedication to the Emperor, I have decided to grant his request… You will all be receiving 1000xp more at some point in the future… probably in about 3 or 4 sessions.

Scott, since I know you had purchased some rank 2 updates, you’ll need to back those out and either save the xp or buy something else with it.

I know that some of the Rank 1 charts are running out of things to take. Worst case increase a couple attributes.


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