Lucian is a grizziald veteran of the death world. He's tough as any space marine gunny and has the body and mind of a seasoned tech priest. Appeariance wise he a battle sacred mass of technology hardened muscle a bionic eye covers where a gene attempte


Lucian Storm Bringer Adeptus Mechanicus HeadTech Priest of The Vryces Luck.

  • wounds 17 Fate points 2 Insanity 4 Corruption points 5

Vital Stats

  • WS – 36
  • BS – 41
  • STR – 41
  • T – 50
  • AG – 37
  • Int – 40
  • Per – 39
  • WP – 40
  • Fel – 29


  • Survival
  • Slight of Hand
  • Dodge
  • Binary Chatter
  • Common Lore
    -Machine Cult
    -Tech +10
  • Forbidden Lore
    -Archeotech +10
  • Medicae
  • Prosanguin
  • Auto Sanguine
  • Tech use +10
  • Trade Techmnomate
  • Trade Armor
  • Literacy
  • Extra wound
  • Drive
  • Astromancy
  • Logic
  • Awarness +10
  • Adeptus Mechanicus
  • Speaking Languages
    -Low Gothic
    -Secret Tounge Rouge Trader
    -High Gothic


  • Melee Weapon (primitive)
  • Jaded
  • Mechanicus Implants
  • Basic Weapon Training (Universal)
  • Melee Weapon Training (Universal)
  • Logis Implant (Tallent Pg. 101)
  • Total Recall
  • Technical Knock
  • Bailful Eye (Pg. 148) Good
  • Mind Impulse Unit (MIU)
  • Interface
  • Utility Mechadendrites.
  • Survo Scull Aupex (Yorick)
  • Survo Skull Medicae (Hamlet)
  • Venom from Elena
  • Tissue from Elina

h7. Gear

  • Bolt Gun(good) D10 +5 Pen4 24 rnds
  • Power Ax (good) D10 +7 E P7 power field Unballenced
  • Bailful Eye (Hell Pistol) D10 +4E 40 rnds
  • Enforcer Lt. Carapace Armor (armor 5)
  • Sacred Ungents
  • Micro Bead
  • Injector
  • Void Suit
  • Combi Tool
  • Survo Skulls
    -Yarick (aux)
    -Hamlet (medica)
  • Tissue from Elina
  • Venom form Elina
  • Uriel Remote
Lucian was born on the death world Aeos 450 years after the Gambit made it great decent to the planet. Life as expected was difficult to say the least and likely fatal under the right cercumstances. Awarness and good reactions were key to survival on the planet. Lucian excelled at these to the degree that he aspired to become a high ranking Guardsman and ultimately becoming one of the legendary space marines or at the very least the Arch Militant of one of the potential Vrices ships (yes very high asperations). To this end he threw himself into his studies of tactics, melee combat, firearms training, and any opportunity to increase his skill in warfare. Lucian also expanded his knowledge bases of the local creatures of the planet to efficently learn to kill the planetary threats by studying the corpses of his slain opponents. This life went on till Lucian reached the age of twenty and his father decided to put an end to the play of being a solder and voiced his expectations that Lucian embrace the Adeptus and the family tradition of the persuit of new technology and the expansion of the great Vrice Dynasty. Lucain resisted his father’s intentions and proceded to become a liutenant among the Guardsman. This proved to be the final insult to his father how quickly implememted his plans for the forced integration of his son into the ranks of the Adeptus began. The plan was simple drug and abduct his son during a training mission, and then compel him to to follow that family path under penaly of reprisals upon his friends and fellow guardsman within the division. This proved highly effective as the bonds among solgders tend to be of the protect your own nature. Lucian would sooner cause grevious harm to himself that willingly endanger one of his own.


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